Afternoon With John Michael Capaldi

PRODUCT FORM: Montebubbles Enterprises

TITLE : Afternoon With John Michael Capaldi

Has this title been to any other market? Yes/No  NO

GENRE  : Documentary

Running time (in minutes):  226     Country of origin: USA

Language  English           Subtitles:  NO

Delivery date:  Now 2016  

Status: _x_ Completed

Production company (companies): (MBE), Montebubbles Enterprises


Producer   Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern,Joyce Chow,John Michael Capaldi

Director:  Wilhelm Herrman

Scriptwriter: Joyce Chow, John Michael Capaldi _

Key cast :Joyce Chow, John Michael Capaldi, Alive Aoki,Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern

Log line: An afternoon with John Michael Capaldi  

Debuts Cannes 2016

© 2016 MBE