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Krell Industries and ZenSati team up at T.H.E. Show

Reference caliber system on display in Suite 28074 at the Flamingo Hotel

Orange, CT, December 2010 – Krell and ZenSati, two leaders in music playback, will jointly display new products in Suite 28074 at the Flamingo Hotel during T.H.E. Show from January 6 - January 10, 2011. Krell will be unveiling the latest additions to the Evolution series of electronics coupled to the award winning Modulari Duo Loudspeakers. ZenSati #2 CAST interconnects and speaker cables will link all the components together. “We are thrilled to be partnering with ZenSati again”, said Bill McKiegan, President of Krell Industries. “ZenSati #2 CAST cables maximize the technological advantage of our CAST technology resulting in the most musically engaging experience possible.”

Krell CAST is a proprietary connection technology that virtually eliminates the noise and distortions created from the use of multiple voltage gain stages and voltage connections between components. By maintaining the musical signal in the current domain from beginning to end, an entire Krell system connected using CAST interconnects behaves as if it is one component.


Copenhagen, December 2010 – ZenSati will be premiering their newest version of ZenSati #1 GOLD speaker cables and ZenSati #2 CAST interconnects. Built on the foundation of the original ZenSati #1 offerings, the new GOLD models are more focused and faithful to the music in the neutral zone. Our partnership with Krell provides a showplace for us to capitalize on Krell’s trademark neutrality and immense, expansive but natural soundstage with our technology and material advantages.” said Mark Johansen, CEO of ZenSati ApS. Krell and ZenSati will also exhibit together at the Venetian in suite 30-128. All are welcome to join us!







The combination of Panasonic’s LCD displays and Haivision’s CoolSign® management software create an ideal solution for the digital signage market

Secaucus, NJ and Montreal , QC , Dec.14, 2010 – Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today announced a new partnership with Haivision, the leading provider of IP video and signage solutions, to create a complete digital signage solution for businesses that is easy to purchase, install and operate.

The solution combines Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage software platform, pre-configured on a powerful media player PC, and Panasonic’s professional LCD displays. This bundled digital signage package offers businesses unmatched quality, easy to specify ordering, simplified delivery, exceptional value with competitive pricing, pre-configured, CoolSign player license certificate plus a two-year parts and service warranty.

“Panasonic and Haivision are collaborating to ease the adoption of digital signage,” said Rick Albert, VP Sales, Professional Display Solutions. “Our partnership with Haivision will open up new opportunities for delivering quality digital signage solutions to specific vertical markets via the CoolSign software.”

This enterprise-grade solution is easily learned and used, allowing end-users to efficiently display, distribute, and control digital media on networked digital displays from a central location. CoolSign includes all the capabilities that marketing, communications, and IT managers demand including security, monitoring and device controls, n-Tier Architecture, multi-casting, and compatibility with most network types such as LAN, DSL, 3G/Cellular, and satellite.

“Integrators have wasted time and money managing the procurement and coordinating the delivery of numerous endpoint items”, said Bob Harris, Vice President, Business Expansion, Panasonic Solutions Company. “This signage solution combines best-in-breed software and hardware into one easily installed and simple to use digital signage solution for multiple applications. CoolSign software will allow companies to create, manage and deliver powerful, dynamic content across an unlimited number of Panasonic displays, helping end users drive business.”

The software will initially be bundled with Panasonic’s LF20 Series Full-HD LCD displays, the 47” TH-47LF20U and the 42” TH-42LF20U, the company’s brightest LCD models for retail signage. These displays are distinguished by a wide range of professional features, including high image clarity, a slim design, and light weight. This combined solution will drive business initiatives in signage venues such as shopping malls, public transportation, quick-serve restaurants and other commercial facilities.

“Panasonic and Haivision are strategically aligned to present value-added propositions in our focus markets,” said Mirko Wicha, president and CEO of Haivision. “The time has come for simplification in the signage segment and we are excited to partner with Panasonic towards this end.”

The bundled solution will come in four SKUs, two of which include a wall mount with vertical or horizontal orientation. All four SKUs are available immediately.

Pricing and SKU Specifications:


o 42" Full-HD LCD Display

o Media player with Intel Core2 Duo 2.26GHz, 250GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9300 & Windows 7 embedded 32-bit operating system

o CoolSign® player software with license included

o HDMI and RS-232 Cables

o Wall Mount (supports both portrait and landscape orientation)

o Warranty 2 year parts & labor

o List price $3,165


o 47" Full-HD LCD Display

o Media player with Intel Core2 Duo 2.26GHz, 250GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9300 & Windows 7 embedded 32-bit operating system,

o CoolSign® player software with license included

o HDMI and RS-232 Cables

o Wall Mount (supports both portrait and landscape orientation)

o Warranty 2 year parts & labor

o List Price $3,500

§ TH42LF20CS

o 42" Full-HD LCD Display

o Media player with Intel Core2 Duo 2.26GHz, 250GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9300 & Windows 7 embedded 32-bit operating system

o CoolSign® player software with license included

o HDMI and RS-232 Cables

o Warranty 2 year parts & labor

o List Price $2,980

§ TH47LF20CS

o 42" Full-HD LCD Display

o Media player with Intel Core2 Duo 2.26GHz, 250GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9300 & Windows 7 embedded 32-bit operating system

o CoolSign® player software with license included

o HDMI and RS-232 Cables

o Warranty 2 year parts & labor

o List Price $3,315

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For more information on Panasonic’s digital signage solutions go to http://www.panasonic.com/business/plasma/home.asp.

About Haivision Network Video
Based in Montreal and Chicago, Haivision Network Video is a private company and a world leader in delivering the most advanced and intelligent IP video networking and digital signage technology. Haivision’s products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies; in the most rigorous military and defense applications; in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training; in highly renowned educational institutions for IPTV, teaching, and signage; in the most efficient interactive broadcast applications; and within the world’s leading TelePresence suites. Haivision distributes its products through value-added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide.

Complete information on Haivision products, including recent case studies and application notes, is available within the download center at www.haivision.com.

About Panasonic Solutions Company

Panasonic Solutions Company empowers people whose jobs depend on reliable technology. The company delivers collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Products and services within the company’s portfolio include Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computing solutions, projectors, professional displays (including both plasma and LCD), and HD and 3D video acquisition and production solutions. As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic is known for the reliability and longevity of its products. Panasonic Solutions Company is a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).

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Marchon3D to Unveil Affordable Line of Cutting Edge 3D Eyewear at Consumer Electronics Show

– In light of the 3D entertainment boom, there is no doubt that this year’s CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, will showcase the latest advancements in 3D technology.  Marchon3D™ has already emerged as the leader in 3D eyewear with their revolutionary, patent-pending, curved M3D™ lens technology. The M3D lens is featured in the Company’s recently launched M3D, ck Calvin Klein and Nautica 3D frames.

The newest line will incorporate the M3D lens at an affordable retail price and be available through electronic retailers, cinemas and select online sites.  The new line is compatible with 3D passive technology televisions, computers and gaming systems.  Additionally, Marchon3D eyewear is RealD certified, ensuring premium 3D viewing in all RealD-enabled theaters.   

“3D is changing the world of entertainment and this will undoubtedly be a major theme at this year’s CES,” said David Johnson, President of Marchon3D. “Marchon3D offers the best lens technology on the market today, affording the wearer comfort, style and the most amazing viewing experience available.  3D passive technology glasses will become increasingly popular as more 3D content is generated and further technological applications are presented.”

About Marchon3D

Marchon3D, a division of Marchon Eyewear, markets frames and lenses featuring a portfolio of patent-pending circular polarized 3D lens technologies that stand apart from all other premium 3D lenses due to its unique, curved lens design. The lenses are inserted into premium-style frames that offer wearers superior fit, comfort and an outstanding 3D viewing experience.  M3D™ lenses also provide 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection


When it comes to the Internet to TV systems currently on the market, content limitation is on everyone’s mind. Enter iGUGU InterneTV - Rather than limiting users to viewing content from pay-per-view or subscription services, iGUGU InterneTV enables consumers to easily search for and stream any content from both paid and free sources making InterneTV the most cost-effective and content-rich solution on the market.

· iGUGU InterneTV - a system which consists of (1) a compact handheld wireless remote control with backlit LCD screen and full QWERTY keyboard (2) simple cable-based connectivity to connect the PC to the television, and (3) an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface that gives users the ability to search, catalog and play content stored on the PC hard drive and stream ANY content from the Internet through portals including YouTube, Google or the iGUGU amateur video portal. (Will send product comparison chart upon request).

iGUGU will also be demonstrating the iGUGU Gamecore at CES

· iGUGU Gamecore - an easy-to-use, innovative system that transforms the PC into a powerful videogame console. Using an innovative wireless controller that incorporates a host of controls and six accelerometers to provide intuitive 3D control, gamers can now play virtually any PC- or Internet-based game on a large screen television.


Oxygen Audio unveils O'Car and O'Dock at CES

World's first car radio and docking system designed for the iPhone to be displayed in Las Vegas, January 6 – 9, 2011

New York – Oxygen Audio, the innovative French brand from ADMEA specializing in car audio electronics, will showcase the new O'Car and O'Dock during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6 - 9, 2011.

The O'Car, which is the first car radio specifically designed for the iPhone and the O'Dock, the world's first iPhone docking system which fully integrates your iPhone in the car, will be available for demo at meeting room 25457 in the lower level, South Hall and booth 1335C, North Hall.

Oxygen Audio executives will also remain available to discuss the groundbreaking products during CES Unveiled, January, 4, 2011 in the Venetian Ballroom at The Venetian.

"We are excited to showcase our cutting edge technology including including the O'Car and O'Dock at this year's CES," begins Gregory Borchardt, Managing Partner of Oxygen Audio North America. "As a recognized manufacturer of automotive hi-fi, we remain committed to providing industry leading advances in car audio electronics."


About Oxygen Audio :

Oxygen Audio is a recognized French electronics manufacturing company dedicated to providing the latest innovations in car audio technology. The brand, which has been in operation for 15 years, developes high quality products designed to complement the latest new media supports. With engineers passionate about automotive hi-fi, the comany remains at the forefront of innovative technology to design efficient and ground breaking systems. For more information, please visit www.oxygenaudio.com

About ADMEA :

Created in 1994, the ADMEA group is a leading French distribution company focused on electronics and entertainment products. ADMEA designs, distributes and manufactures its signature products including recognized brands such as Oxygen Audio, Navirad, Schaub Lorenz, and King of Home. ADMEA holds significant market shares in each of its segments with a 2009 recorded revenue of 120 million euros.



Fanny Wang makes music social with the DuoJack inline splitter, allowing friends to share their music.

December 10, 2010, San Francisco, Ca. – Fanny Wang Headphone Co., the newest line of ultra premium headphones to hit the U.S. market, will launch this month with a private tastemakers party at the W Hotel in San Francisco. Fanny Wang takes audio accessories to the next level by incorporating superior sound quality with high-fashion style. The headphones are available for pre-order for $149.95 for on-ear models at www.FannyWang.com.

In the last year, fashion brands are outpacing technology brands in the headphone industry, led by Beats by Dr. Dre and Skullcandy. Fanny Wang is the newest entrant in this market, and sets itself apart by providing a superior sound, eye-catching style and competitive pricing – the best of fashion and technology for audio.

“The same sound engineer who designed the Beats by Dr. Dre acoustics tackled the Fanny Wang collection. We challenged him to create a superior sound that complements urban hip hop, but also provides range to satisfy other music genres,” said David Adam, VP of Product Development for Fanny Wang. “Audiophiles will be blown away by the rich, smooth sound, and heads will turn when people check out the new Fanny Wang headphones.”

Every element of the Fanny Wang headphones have been designed to create the premiere mobile music listening experience, compatible with audio players such as Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. Each model includes a built-in DuoJack (patent pending) inline splitter, allowing friends to share the listening experience.

Fanny Wang’s On-Ear design features 40mm titanium drivers for smooth and balanced sound, with luxurious cushion for premium comfort during long wear. Future models in Q1 2011 will include an on-ear iPhone model and over ear noise-canceling models.

The Fanny Wang Headphones collapse for ease of travel with a sturdy metal hinge and are available in bold red, ink black or crisp white. Each design comes with a three-year warranty.

For more information about Fanny Wang Headphone Co., please go to www.FannyWang.com


Future of Consumer Electronics

Designer 3D Glasses  A Game

Future of Consumer Electronics

Designer 3D Glasses  A Game