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September 6, 2012 (Culver City, California) we are proud to announce that Montebubbles and JC Events will be joining together to produce several unique projects over the next half year


Public (Domain) Christmas Special filmed live

Sundance Travel Suite (January 17-23, 2013)

Oscar® (1) gifting and viewing Event (February 22-24, 2013)

Cannes Travel Suite (May 15-26, 2013)

The events will take place in the following cities: Los Angeles, Park City Utah, Hollywood California, and Cannes France.

We are doing this to do what has never been done before with the two travel suites, one for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and another for Festival de Cannes in Cannes, France.  The Christmas special is to bring back the Christmas specials that used to be so popular and is now only trotted out as reruns on cable channels in December. Finally with the Oscar® (1) viewing suite we will be paying honor to the first Academy Awards®(2) Show ever done and to be done in the tradition of the first show. The gifting suite in itself will be done in a style that could never have been imagined by anyone today let alone those attending the first Academy Awards®(2) Show. Also there will be the debut of the First great Christmas Song for the 21st century, “Christmas Is” by Crown Prince Wilhelm and Chairdoog Music

The events are a Monte Bubbles Enterprises and JC Events production.  

For more information contact Joyce Chon via email at

(1) (We have no connection with the Oscars)

(2) (We have no affiliation with the Academy Awards show.)

Sundance and Cannes Travel Suites

When: January 17-23, 2013 and May 15-26, 2013

Where: Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah and Festival de Cannes, Cannes, France

Company: MB Enterprises and JC Events, Los Angeles, CA

Phone No. (424) 835-1783


Bringing something unique to entertainment VIPs and media, a travel suite at two of the most highly regarded film festivals in the world, the Sundance Film Festival and the Festival de Cannes, held concurrently with the Marché du Film.

The suites will be where entertainment VIPs and media can relax, enjoy fine food and libations and be informed as to what’s hot in the travel industry. The press will be able to file stories and do interviews without having to worry about ambient noise in the background to distract them. Free internet access will be available for all attending the suite.


A live streamed musical celebration of what Christmas Is as told through the Christmas music which is most represented as to what Christmas Is.

The “Christmas Is: The Live streamed Christmas Special” is a 90 minute live streamed special promoting what Christmas Is and what Christmas means to people. It is not a religious event it is an event through historical and well known Christmas music.

The only song which is not historical in nature, is a new song, which will make its debut, which is “Christmas Is”

It is a musical evening with entertainment friends from Young Hollywood, that are not necessarily known as singers or musicians with the writer of “Christmas Is”, Prince Wilhelm, celebrating the spirit of Christmas in a 21st century setting singing historical Christmas songs from centuries past.

By pure chance we have a multi-national cast from Academy Award® winning feature films and current Emmy® nominated productions.

The “Christmas Is: The Live streamed Christmas Special” will be available on the internet live streamed. Contrary to public opinion, life streamed does not mean the program is live, it is live streamed which is now a term used for streaming video. While the show is being live streamed in 2D it will be available for download in the following days in its uncut 2D form and will be available in a 3D version soon afterwards.  After it has been converted for cross platforming it will be available for download.

The Christmas song “Christmas Is” is expected to be the first great song of the 21st century due to the fact that the lyrics are easily remembered by anyone young or old and can be easily translated to any language in the world.

Merry Christmas (not Happy Holidays).

Risks and challenges

The risk and challenges on any independent project is great, but doing a project that is not politically correct makes the risk and challenges even greater which therefore means a victory is even greater.

“Christmas Is: The Live streamed Christmas Special” is a project of the heart.

The show is a project of the heart and will be done. Christmas is dying due to the pressure from political correctness.

We believe in Christmas and want to spread the Christmas spirit to keep the celebration alive for those that believe in Christmas.

The biggest challenge we have to face is keeping the project moving forward as political correctness forces people and companies to bow out from possible disdain and ridicule by participating in a Christmas project. Keeping a project together is a normal part of any independent project. People’s reasons for supporting independent projects is almost always on a personal level not on a purely business level. Often when you make a project the fact that you got the project made is a victory.

Many of the people that are involved in the project also were involved in many of this year’s Emmy nominated projects both digital and standard productions.

We have pencil pushers that know what you can do, what you can’t do, where you can do it and where you can’t do it.

We had the pleasure of staying in the same hotel during Sundance as the “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” It was financed through various circles; you either supported the project or didn’t support the project. One of the Oscar nominated films from last year, took 7 years for financing, like he said – if I had just asked my parents, we would have done it cheaper but we would have done it 7 years earlier. Case in point, it took 20 years to get back the money invested in a film my father produced.

We have the challenges of live streaming. Fortunately we have been working with live streaming for a year and understand the ins and outs and that what people consider to be live is often taped and live streamed. We do live streaming on almost a daily basis. We know the intricacies of doing a show live and that instead of taped because actors are actors and actors will bail if they have a better offer and then worry about the legalities of what they did later.

Doing a live show is like a Broadway production with understudies in the wings waiting to come in and fill in any role. It works with the roles being asexual and race neutral, meaning anyone can fill in to any slot. Being live means being able to turn on a dime in front of the camera and make it look natural.

One of the people involved with the project is a career floater, his father was a 2nd unit man and his grandmother was a script supervisor. He would be picked up and brought to the location and then discover what he was supposed to do as he was getting ready to go on camera. He totally is our swing person and can fill in any spot where needed and he also has the best onscreen presence and can sing bass, baritone and tenor and can sing in various dialects and any of the songs that were parts of operas that over centuries became Christmas standards.

We have musical swing performers in the production. They are floaters, who float in and out of a production with no set role". To quote something from Gene Kelly when he was one of the dancers for singing in the rain, “Always be prepared to cover your ass, because what can go wrong will go wrong.” That is why floaters exist.

In the words of George M Cohan, “the show must go on.” Why, because it’s a business and you’ve already spent the money to produce it. You do it or lose everything you’ve done. Until the button is pushed to go live streamed, the cast is subject to change.

The show goes on; the funding is for cross platforming of the production. Cross platforming may include print, multiple forms of digital download.