Hellfire the Ghost The Feature Film Coming in 2016

Hellfire the ghost

What is hellfire: the fire or fires regarded as existing in hell. "threats of hellfire and damnation"

What is hell: not what your told

a place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often traditionally depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death.

I found that out in person.

They say Hell is eternal. and these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal".

There are four expressions in these three verses to be considered. They are "everlasting punishment", "eternal life", everlasting God", and "eternal spirit". The only difference between everlasting and eternal in our language is a difference in spelling. They mean the same thing

There is another argument which can be made against the eternality of hell. which cannot be applied against the eternality of God the Father, God the Spirit, and Heaven. If one were to take the poisition that hell were to last only a thousand years, to be consistent he would also have to contend that the Father, Spirit and Heaven will last for only a thousand years. That is true for the same word used to describe the duration of Hell's punishment is also used to describe the duration of the Father, Spirit and Heaven.

The very moment that the disobedient cease to be punished, the righteous will cease to be blessed and the Father and Spirit will cease to exist. Hell's punishment will continue forever and ever.

Hell is nothing like this as I have been to hell and back

I hate going to the beach but was more or less badgered into going because the company needed to se me happy and smiling.

I seldom smile and am not happy at the beach

I also know that few like seeing one of my age in a swimsuit at the beach

It actually drives people away from the business.

Went because got worn down and tired about me going.

Resulted in nothing but one long battle at the beach that did not stop even when we got back to my place to change in work clothes.

Things finally went to far and I went to hell.

What you’re looking at is what it looks like to be in hell.

I came back or did I come back from hell

You tell me.

PRODUCT: Montebubbles Enterprises

TITLE: Hellfire The Ghost

Has this title been to any other market? Yes/No:  NO

GENRE:  Sci-fi-Horror

Running time (in minutes):  100

Country of origin: USA

Language: English   Subtitles: NO

Budget:  $100,000   Delivery date:  Fall 2016 Halloween USA

Status:    In production

Production company (companies): (MBE) MonteBubbles Enterprises  

Producer:  Cee J   


Director: Cee J

Scriptwriter: Cee J

Key cast Nikki Cee J, Cee J, Su Cee J

Log line:  Cee J was never one to be crossed but one day she went too far.

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