Hey Guys I am Nikki the Full Length Movie

You asked for a day in the life of Nikki and it is coming to a theatre near you

Nikki Cee J know simply as Nikki is the creator  Mockureality.

PRODUCT Montebubbles Enterprises

TITLE: Hey Guys I am Nikki

Has this title been to any other market? Yes/No:  NO

GENRE : Black comedy - Mockureality

Running time (in minutes):  100

Country of origin: USA

Language: English   Subtitles: NO

Budget:  $100,000   Delivery date:  Summer 2016

Status: X_ In production

Production company (companies): (MBE) Montebubbles Enterprises  

Producer:  Nikki Cee J   


Director:  Nikki Cee J

Scriptwriter: Nikki Cee J

Key cast: Nikki Cee J, Cee J, Su Cee J

Log line: Nikki is the type if girl your mother warned you never to go with and that your father wished he had:

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