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MBN, Monte Bubbles Network, a Newsvideoweb company is now in its 11th year of business.

MBN and Newsvideoweb are productions of MB Enterprises. There are hundreds of millions of links to MBN Newsvideoweb and Montebubbles produced content. Yes, that’s links to content, not views.

We are currently reproduced in over 50 different languages.

We have been in or contributed content including more than 14,000 videos on Auto News, CNN iReport, CSQ Magazine, Daily Motion, Examiner, FilmMagic, Forbes magazine, Google, InStyle magazine, MSN, PR Photos, TV Guide, Vimeo, Yahoo! Voices, Youtube and WireImage.

We began the 1st 3D daily and still continuing newscast, "Oldecam Comments on the Headlines of the Day". We produce the only truly green cooking show in the world, "Cooking with Notaspringchick" with over 300 episodes. We have recently added the truly non-green gourmet cooking show, “Cooking with CJ”. Our other productions include “The Travel Suite”, “Entertainment Headlines of the Day”, “Comments on the Headlines of the Day” and assorted feature films and TV projects for commercial release.

Originally beginning as a LA pet show dog blog, it evolved after Hurricane Katrina, where it became recognized as one of the best blogs in the world by MSN and evolved into news coverage and entertainment productions. We have transformed from being a blog and currently operate 7 different websites under the Monte Bubbles umbrella and produce about 7-10 hours of news and entertainment production per week.

We initially perceived ourselves as Monte Bubbles Network turning out features and TV productions and not a news company or an internet based organization. Over the years we have learned to integrate products seamlessly into production. Often referred to as product placement, we are working to assist others for one of the fastest growing areas - webseries, TV and motion picture production.

In the process, we ended up becoming #TheDigitalInfluencer in the industry.


Oldecam, Senior Editor Analyst and commentator jack of all trades. Product of an era when you had to do everything from acting to filming to cleaning up the floor. Involved with 3D for over 60 years. Chef behind the green cooking series Cooking with Notaspringchick

Joyce "Notaspringchick Chow", Executive Editor and Media Personality Analyst and commentator

Business side with eyes wide open. Accustomed to being in front of and behind the camera. Cooking with Notaspringchick her green cooking series

Cassandra Hepburn, Actress / Producer

Global Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights International.

Best known for Quentin Tarantino cult favorite film "Hell Ride"

Joell Posey, Model / Actress and now Producer

of her own short films for competition

Vincent De Paul, Actor / Producer

Multi-award winning films "The Artist", "Silver Case", "Walk a Mile in My Pradas"

Behind the Scenes

Joyce Chon - Assignment Editor/Traffic Coordinator

Matthew Eastman - Animator/Producer/Cinematographer/Sound Editor

The Twins - Otto & Wilhelm - Graduated with Master's Degrees while in teens. Child prodigies that can make computers dance and look like they were born to be in front of the camera.

Dr. Silvia Finestein - Pediatrician and our medical and cosmetics expert



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