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Prinz Prinz Von Ass Hol is a second generation phony royal that totally has no clue his father was an actor that played Royals on British TV an just continued to play the role in real life when he moved to California to try and establish a TV and film career here and couldn’t get any work.

He had a son that was brought up as a member of a royal family of Ass Hol whom never got the message that everyone knew the father was a just an actor that looked good at parties.

Now Prinz Prinz is in a reality series on princes in America called “PRINZ”

This is the story of the young Prinz Prinz in Prinz.

PRODUCT:  Montebubbles Enterprises

TITLE:  Prinz Prinz

Has this title been to any other market? Yes/No:  NO

GENRE:  Black Comedy  

Running time (in minutes): 100 Country of origin:  USA

Language: English Subtitles:  NO

Budget:  $100,000        Delivery date: Summer 2016

Status:  X In production

Production company (companies):  (MBE) Montebubbles Enterprises

Producer:  William Hoehne, Joyce Chow

Director: Billy O’ Burgoon

Scriptwriter: Billy O’Burgoon

Key cast :  Billy O’ Burgoon, Su Cee, Joyce Le Chon

Log line: Everyone but Prinz knows he is a second generation phoney royal.

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