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“You never find what you’re not looking for”

Search engines are out curators are in

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Curators are content guides. A curator themselves may follow only a handful of people, those they deem to be what is trending and what is expected to trend.

This is a different than an ambassador whose alliances are more fixed and could and can be considered advertising paid content promoters.

Many of those you see on social media sites have been found to be being paid for their “endorsements”. Unlike in print media where you acknowledge that this is a paid endorsement. Virtually all social media in one way or another pays for audience that they get, some are just more clearer than others. These that provide the audience or ambassadors not curators.

The job of a curator is to boldly go further where few have gone before. It is a 24/7 job with eyes wide open. In the snap of a finger, things can change.