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Green Fashion News

June 5


Ecoist and The Coca-Cola Company Form Partnership to Promote Eco-friendly Living and Launch a New Line of Handbags Made from Repurposed Coca-Cola Bottle Labels

MIAMI, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecoist (www.ecoist.com), the eco-fashion accessories company, has launched a line of handbags made from misprinted or discontinued Coca-Cola bottle labels. The partnership will leverage the Coca- Cola brand and the growing concern of Global Warming to spread the message of sustainability and pursue Ecoist's mission to turn consumers into "Ecoists", individuals that live a modern, eco-minded lifestyle. As part of the partnership, a tree will be planted for every single handbag sold.

"We are very excited to be working with Ecoist. They are the ideal partners for Coke's continuous involvement with environmental initiatives. We have made great strides in reducing our waste output from our bottling plants or label manufacturing facilities, and we are constantly seeking ways to further reduce our environmental footprint. This partnership allows us to repurpose materials. Best of all, we are helping to create greater awareness on environmentally and socially responsible consumption. We want to inspire others to act," says Kelli Sogar, Merchandise Manager, Worldwide Licensing and Retail Operations of The Coca-Cola Company.

Most of the labels are sourced from Coca-Cola bottlers or label manufacturers located in Peru, where Ecoist has been working in a production center operated by Prosostenible S.A., a fair trade manufacturer founded by José Luis Silva and Giselle Durand. "We are extremely grateful and happy to be working with Ecoist and The Coca-Cola Company," said Jose Luis. "We are repurposing a lot of waste-bound materials and providing employment opportunities to underprivileged communities in Peru. It's a great step towards self-sustainability," he concludes.


Ecoist was founded in 2004 by brothers Yair and Jonathan Marcoschamer, along with their mother Helen and sister-in-law Gabriela. Ecoist has saved millions of labels, wrappers, and other packaging materials from potentially going to landfills and is continuously seeking ways to keep other non- biodegradable material away from the ground and water. In addition to its environmental promise, Ecoist is committed to supporting fair trade and promoting corporate social responsibility.

Web site: http://www.ecoist.com/

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