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Monte Bubblisms

If everyone thinks your a arsonist don't add fuel to a fire. Herbert Humphrey was right when he said that democrats at election time form a circle and shoot one another. Today the Democrats announced in advance of the fall election they planned the largest tax hike in history.
You always know when the crisis is over. That is when you start to blame others for what was your responsibility and hire the lawyers to sue everyone.
 If you build your home in a flood plain you can expect to get it flooded. If you build you house in a dry area prone to fires you can expect to lose your home to a fire. If you build your home in an area prone to landslides you just might lose your home to a landslide. Get the theme mentioned here.
What is a politician? A individual that tells you what everyone else already knows but didn’t know it themselves till this moment.
Every time you think partisan politics has sunk as low as it can get politicians prove they can sink lower.
Freedom of speech only exists for those the own the presses, from Journalism 101, fifty years ago.
Why is it that every tax increase aimed at the wealthy hit the those that least afford it in the rear?
Scientists scare us with tales of global warming. Didn’t they also once tell us the world was flat and sailors would fall off the end of it.
It is always harder to do what is right then it is to do what is wrong.
While politicians are running in fear of illegal aliens that can’t vote they are ignoring the largest minority in the nation that can’t vote either, the family pet of which there are hundreds of millions and the pets bite
If man is solely responsible for global warming then how do you explain global warming before man existed on earth.
While your guaranteed the right of freedom of speech no one has to listen to anything you have to say
Which is worst to do the right thing for the wrong reason or to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons?
Today most journalists are like a person that loves fudge brownies. No matter how much they tell you they think a story has been covered far too much they keep coming back for more.
It is always easier to run from your enemies then it is to stand up to them
A 50 year old bridge is like a 50 year old man, they both have a problem staying up.
You can only lie so much without being caught
When the rights of the majority are taken away the rights of the minority are soon to follow
The truth is rarely popular
You ever notice how many studies are done to prove what everyone already knows
Someday a mistake will be made and we will elect a present that is neither right nor left and actually cares about those in the majority of our nation that are in the middle.
You can only be whom you are no matter how hard to try to be someone else.
When you say we just can’t round up all the illegal aliens you don’t know American history.
Anytime you have to justify what you have done you know that you should not have done it.
If you spend your life in a fishbowl how is it possible you do things that no one knows of.
Any reasonably intelligent person can tell you how to handle the problem in Iraq, the problem is that elected officials are running the war.
Is it a requirement to be a politician that you don’t know what is a crime and what is not?
As a dog I am pleased that so many place a high value on their pets well being but when you place a value on your pets life's higher then that of a human then something is very wrong.
The law is the law is the law unless you don't like the law then you just ignore it.
While much more may be going on around you, you often only see what you seek to see.
It used to be innocent till proven guilty. Then it became guilty till proven innocent. Now it is just guilty. How long till there will be no reason to even hold trials?
Currently we have people running for public office that no one wants yet we will elect one of them anyway
If you don't try you never fail!
How hot is it? So hot that the government is advising that illegal immigrants stay home today instead of waiting in front of business's looking for work.
Often you run into the destiny that was meant for on the very road you are using to run away from it.
The truth is often no more then what you see  in front of you.
People that hate need no reason to hate.
Why is it that politicians are more afraid of those that can't vote because they are here illegally then those that can vote.
If you refuse to enforce the laws already on the books what makes anyone think you will enforce new laws!
What would our county  be like if we actually paid attention to all of our constitution instead of just picking out the parts that are useful to you
 Instead of setting a target just do it.
You only have to be afraid of what you don't know, not what you do know.
Can you arrest and deport 12 million people, yes. Will it be done, no because that is not how things are done in this country.
If you don't like the war blame your congressman or senator but not those in the field fighting it
On immigration reform: The immigrants are not going to get what they demand, the liberals are not going to get what they want and the conservatives are not going to get what they want meaning nothing is going to change. Situation normal all screwed up.
Why is it when congress finally passes a law there is always something in it to make everyone unhappy.          
 If you don't like the law change it, until you change it enforce it.    



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